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How often do you feel that once you strike the ball and it makes it into the air, its flight is at the mercy of the powers that be? It’s natural to think that, but the truth is that you are responsible for where your ball goes once it’s off the ground. The trick to getting it where you want it is to control its flight. How do you do that?

Clubface and Swing Path

If you’re going for a straight shot and not quite getting the results that you want, chances are good that something is off with one of two things – the clubface position or your swing path. Either of these two will cause inaccurate swings and send your ball where you want it least.

The trick with any ball flight is to keep the clubface and swing path aligned. You want the face of the club to line up perfectly with your swing path. Imagine two lines, one projecting from the face of the club, and the other an arc formed by your arm moving through the swing. The arc determines where on the ball you strike. The direction of the clubface determines where the ball goes when struck.

Of the two factors, the angle of the clubface is the more important when it comes to ball flight direction. It’s important that you realize this and correct the appropriate factor, rather than trying to correct your swing arc. Focus on creating a smooth arc, and ensure that the angle of the clubface is in the direction you want the ball to travel and you’ll find more success.


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