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What is the single most important key to a great golf game? Is it your clubs? They’re important, but that’s not what we’re talking about. What about your swing? Again, critical, but we’re talking about something even more fundamental. What’s in question here is your stance. Without a great golf stance, you’ll never play to your full potential. So, what do you need to know?

Don’t Go Too Wide

A stable stance is important, but there’s danger if you go too far. A wide base is great for stability, but if it is too wide, you limit the speed at which you can pivot, and you also force yourself to adopt a stance that prevents you from getting off the trailing side of your swing.

Avoid Going Too Narrow

If your shoulders are less than shoulder-width apart, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You will ultimately struggle to maintain balance as you wind up in the backswing.

Flexibility Is Essential

If you notice one thing about all the greats in golf, it’s that they all have a lot of flexibility. That’s vital to your performance. If you’re struggling with flexibility and agility, you might consider adding some specific exercises to your daily routine, or even signing up for something like yoga that focuses on flexibility.

Turn and Shift

When you get right down to it, your backswing is nothing more than your body turning and shifting. However, it’s not two separate events. It’s a seamless movement that must be correctly coordinated in order to ensure success.


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