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Struggling to maintain power while using your irons? You’re not alone. This problem can affect golfers of all ages and ability levels. What’s behind it, though? Let’s take a quick look.

Through Swing Connection – The single most common reason to lose power with irons is that you are not able to keep everything connected through the swing. Your body, hands, and club must perform as a whole here.

Loss of Rhythm – While your golf swing isn’t much like dance, it does rely on rhythm. A loss of rhythm at any point in your swing will make your swing suffer from loss of power.

Lack of Balance – A good, strong swing begins with a balanced stance. Keep your feet flat on the ground and twist your trunk through the swing. Ignore golfers who raise their feet, as they tend to be the exceptions that prove the rule.

Not Following Through – Golf, like baseball, requires good follow-through in order to deliver optimum power to the ball. If you are not following all the way through with your shot, you’re robbing it of power and reducing your distance. It’s self-sabotage.

These four problems can reduce the power of your shots, robbing you of success and raising your score. The secret to defeating them is simple – practice keeping your hands, body, and club synchronized through the entire swing, and make sure that you’re following through at the end to deliver maximum power where you want it.


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