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If you’re like most of us, all you really want out of your day-to-day play is to hit the ball more consistently each time. You want to see continual improvement, even if that’s a long, low upward trajectory. There’s good news – a few simple tips can help you improve consistency and play better no matter what level you’re golfing at right now.

First, determine what you want to improve. Is your score just too high? Are you struggling to hit the ball solidly? Set goals so you know what you’re trying to improve.

Next, be realistic about what you can achieve. For instance, if you’re struggling to hit many greens, realize that most amateurs can only hit between four and five within a regulation round. Just moving that to six greens is a serious accomplishment.

Develop skills to overcome the most common challenges you face on the course. Remember that golf is a continually evolving environment and you need a robust skillset to handle whatever comes your way. Choose a skill, build it over time, and then move on to the next, while still making time to practice all of your skills from time to time, just to stay fresh.

Finally, keep your body healthy and mobile. Stiffness, pain, pulled muscles – these reduce your ability to play well. Build your strength, work on agility, and enhance body control to be more consistent in your game.

These brief tips will help to improve your consistency and make you an overall better golfer – now get out and practice.


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