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What are your goals as a golfer? If you were to gather a group of 100 golfers and ask this question, the answers are likely to vary quite widely. While you might think that improving your score would be the top answer that most people give, that’s not necessarily true. While that might be an overarching goal for many, it is rarely the only goal or the most important at the time. Goals will often change as you progress as a golfer. When you first hold a club in your hands and swing it for the first time at an actual ball, the goal is to hit the ball. Not everyone can do even that consistently when they are first starting out. So, goals vary.

How should you go about setting the goals, though? The first thing that you need to do is really think about what it is that you want to be better and more consistent at doing. It might be that you want to have a lower score. It might be that you want to learn how to putt better. It could be that you simply want to have a better feel of how to hit the ball in different situations. There are countless skills that you will want to acquire and that means that there are countless goals that golfers will want to attain.

Once you have a list of different types of goals that you would like to achieve, you will also need to make sure that you consider the possibility of achieving those goals. Make sure that you are creating goals that are achievable and that you will be able to see the results as you are working toward them.

You might need to change up the way that you are practicing to achieve those goals. Often people want to make improvements in areas where they have avoided in the past because they were difficult. This means that in order to reach the goals, you need to focus on doing the things that you aren’t good at, and it might mean practicing in a different way. Practice consistently, use good and proven techniques, and you will see results.

Give yourself time to accomplish your goals, as well. If you are terrible at putting now, you aren’t going to magically improve by next week. It takes time and consistency with your practice to achieve the results that you want when you are on the golf course.


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