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We all know that in order to get better at golf, you have to put in the practice. You can’t simply watch the pros play and believe that you are going to get better through osmosis. It takes putting in the work and the effort to train and to learn the skills that you are going to need out on the course. Whether you have dreams of becoming a professional or you simply want to do better than your friends or your boss on the golf course, practice is essential. However, you need to be sure you are practicing the right way.

What is the right way to practice? While different people will certainly have different skills that they have to work on, the core concepts of practice are going to be the same. You need to make sure that you are as consistent as possible with your practice, and you need to commit to a schedule. Even if you can only carve out half an hour, an hour, or just 15 minutes a week, there is time to practice. Make it a part of your schedule and keep those appointments with yourself.

When you are creating your practice schedule, remember that quality is more important than quantity. You are going to have better results if you are practicing for 10 minutes three times a week than if you put in a one-hour session once a month. Quality and consistency with your practice will help you to really start to see some impressive improvements.

It is also important that you break your practice sessions down into the correct sequence, so you get a well-rounded session. It’s easy for people to only focus on mechanical training, but it’s also easy to spend far too much time on it. For this type of block practice, you will only want to spend about 10% to 15% of your training time on it. You should spend about 70% of your time with random practice and skill development and then 10% to 20% of your time with playing practice using game drills. This is an ideal breakdown for your golf practice.

Finally, you want to make sure that you are making your golf practice sessions fun. If you find them to be boring or a chore, you are not going to want to do them, and your game will suffer for it.

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