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Struggling with your strike? Many golfers fight a bad habit called ball topping. It’s nothing more than hitting the top half of the ball with your clubface rather than striking the center mass or striking the bottom half to loft the ball into the air. Thankfully, there are simple, effective ways to stop ball topping and improve your game.

Chances are good that if you’re topping the ball, you’re looking at the top of the ball while you swing. You tend to hit what you’re focused on, right?

To change that, try a simple drill. Place your ball on a tee in the grass. Then, take a handful of tees and place them about five inches behind the ball. You’ll want your clubface positioned behind those tees, so that you have to move through the pile to hit the ball.

Now, you need to swing the club while brushing the very top of the grass. If done correctly, you will sweep up all the tees in your path, and you’ll strike the ball at the right position to get it airborne.

Of course, you still need to pay attention to clubface angle. Remember that the angle of the face determines the direction of ball flight, so aim appropriately. Practice this drill until you’re able to loft the ball successfully with every strike. It should take relatively little time once you get the basics down and you’ll find that you top the ball much less frequently during actual play.


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