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Whether you have been playing golf for a few weeks, a few years, or your entire life, there is always the drive to improve your game. You might be worried that even though your swing feels right that something is “off” about it. You might be wondering why you aren’t getting any better, even though you are putting in the time and the practice. It could be any number of things that cause stagnation in your progress, but often it stems from problems in your physical approach to the sport.

You might have your head in the game, but if you have adopted an incorrect stance or grip by mistake, it can quickly become second nature to you. One or two bad habits that you don’t even notice can make improving all but impossible. You need to know what it is that you might be doing wrong, and what you are doing right, so you can make adjustments.

Fortunately, technology has made this nice and easy. Most people will have a video camera readily available to them today. They will likely have one right on their phone. If they do not, they can ask a friend or family member if they can do the recording for them and send them the video file.

Record yourself taking swings.Record your grip, putting practice, and more. Make sure you get a full view and close-ups of the stance, as well. Once you have recorded yourself, watch it back and be critical of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Take notes on the things you are doing wrong and then retrain yourself to ensure you are using the correct technique.

Make sure that you are not recording just once. You should make recording yourself a part of your practice going forward. Compare your first videos to those that you take after you have corrected your errors to see how much you have improved.

Using video for improvements is something that people in many sports are doing today, and it is not much different from reviewing game film. Learn to diagnose your problems and then fix them, and you will start to see a serious difference in your level of skill.

How Else to Use Video to Improve Your Golf Game?

In addition to using the video to record yourself playing the game and then critiquing your swing and other aspects of the sport, consider taking online lessons that involve video. By watching videos of professional instructors, it becomes possible for you to get the same type of experience that you would get if you were out in the field with them one on one. Of course, you will need to be sure that you are learning golf online from the best possible instructors.When you use this idea in conjunction with other types of training and learning, it can make a big difference.

The more you can do for your golf game, the better you will get. Do not forget the power that video can provide.


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