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Struggling to blast the ball down the fairway? If your drives aren’t all that powerful, don’t worry. It’s not permanent. No matter your age or your experience level, you can take simple, active steps to improve drive power. We’ll look at a few of the most important tips here.

Balance – First, we’ll talk about balance. It is one of the most important elements to drive power, because without balance, you can neither ensure center-face contact with ball nor move the ball forcefully. The key to balance is a wide stance and the right weight distribution. Set up correctly and you’ll have more power in your drive.

Backswing – In order to deliver power to your drive, you need torque. For that, you must use your entire torso, not just your shoulders and arms. Keep your feet flat and your body balanced against the ground, and use that stability to help you wrap the large muscles of the body around your trunk.

Tension-Free Arms – All too often, inexperienced golfers try to power through their shot. Here’s the thing, it’s a swing, not a hit, or a bash. It’s not baseball or hockey. You need to keep your arms as free of tension as possible and allow the club to do the hitting. Anything else and you’ll reduce your swing speed and the force with which the club strikes the ball.

These are just three tips to help improve your drive power. There are plenty of other strategies and tactics that can help you up your game, as well.


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