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Not making the right contact with the ball? It’s definitely not an uncommon problem. Many golfers end up clipping the upper half of the ball, rather than striking it squarely in the middle, or striking the ball too low. The result is a shot that lacks power and accuracy. However, two simple tips could change things for you.

Get Down

The first tip is as basic as it gets. You need to get down. No, that’s not a euphemism. You need to let your arms and club fall down the plane – to hit down. Many people have a habit of trying to hit up. That’s great for other sports, but not so good for golf. Use gravity to augment your swing, as well.

Learn to Pivot

The second tip is also pretty basic. You need to pivot correctly, or your club will always strike the wrong spot on the ball. Pivoting allows you to move the club simultaneously down and toward the ball. The point of your pivot is your core, but it is augmented by your feet and knees. Ultimately, you should finish your pivot with your right foot being toe-down, and your right knee touching your left knee.

By mastering the downward swing and by learning to pivot correctly, you greatly increase your ability to hit the ball dead center. That is crucial for loft and speed (distance), but also for aim. Without learning these basics, you will always struggle with a high score.


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