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There is a common misconception that you don’t have to be in shape to be a great golfer. While you might see plenty of people at the local golf courses who are out of shape, when you look at the best golfers in the world, you tend to see something that’s entirely different. They are in shape, they take care of themselves, and they are actual professional athletes. While you may not have to get into the best shape of your life to play a few rounds of golf with friends, you will find that the fitter you are the better you will be. Let’s look at a few of the reasons for this.

More Energy and More Power

Walking around a golf course and playing 18 holes takes more energy than some people realize. Even if you have a cart, you are still going to be standing around, swinging, and doing a lot of walking. If you are out of shape, you won’t have the energy to play to your full potential. By those last holes, you will be wishing for it to end. Getting into better shape will help provide you with more energy. In addition, you will find that it can provide you with more power for your swings, as well as better muscle control when you need to pull things back a little.

What Types of Training Should You Do?

In addition to spending time practicing golf, you will want to engage in both strength training and cardio training. This ensures that you have better endurance and that you will strengthen the muscles that are used for your swings. You don’t have to go overboard with the weights or the cardio, but you do want to get in at least three days a week of training. It can make a difference.

Don’t Forget Stretching

Stretching before and after your workouts is important to help keep you limber and flexible. It is also important to do some stretches before you actually practice or play a round of golf. It will help to reduce the chance of getting a muscle cramp while you are playing.

As you can see, being in shape can help you when you are on and off the golf course. Make fitness a part of your daily routine, start eating right, and you will find that it could help you to improve your skills, as well as your endurance.

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