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Golf is a game of skill, but also one of strategy. It is you against the course, but also against nature. The very elements themselves – sunlight, wind, water, and earth, conspire to keep you from making that crucial shot. The good news is that good strategy can be learned.

1. Track Wind Correctly – Think you need to track wind movement by tossing a handful of grass in the air? Think again. This is particularly true on a tree-lined course where the wind swirls and eddies around the trunks. You’ll never get an accurate direction. Know the flow of the wind beforehand and mark it on your map so you can know at a glance how the wind will be blowing while you play.

2. Know Your Weaknesses – In order to develop an accurate strategy for golf, you need to know the course, your clubs, and more. However, it’s also important to know yourself. Do you often pull your mid-iron shots? Do you tend to clip the top of the ball? Knowing your own weaknesses and habits allows you to address them specifically, and then build a better strategy.

3. Know the Danger Spot with Each Hole – Every hole has a potential danger that could ruin your shot, and many shots after that one. Make it your mission to spot the danger immediately, whether that’s a rough-filled hollow, a water hazard, a sand trap, a bunker, or something else.

Use these tips to help you build a better strategy to fit the specific course you’re playing.


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