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The drive – it’s the key to getting the loft and distance you need to move on down the fairway. However, without the right skills here, you could find that your drives fall too far short. While there are many factors that affect drive, including environmental dynamics, your own body, the club you’re using, and more, your position has a great deal to do with things.

The most important position-related tip is this – your lower body should lead you through the swing. You’re not powering through with your shoulders or arms. You don’t begin your downswing with your chest. It’s all about lowering the body and then shifting it forward before your shoulders finish the full backswing.

Next, you need to keep the club’s shaft parallel to the ground and your chest parallel to the target line. Make sure that you’re able to keep your hips open to the chest, and that your trail arm is flexible. The clubface should be titled slightly toe down. Note that if you tend to slice, double down on ensuring your clubface is toe down, and that the head is behind your hands. This will help ensure that your wrist is flat or a little bit bowed, which is the key to a strong, lofty drive.

By practicing these tips each time you set up for a drive, you’ll find that assuming the positions becomes second nature over time. Eventually, you won’t even have to think about where your hips are, where your chest is in relation to the target line, or anything else.


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