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To onlookers, golf seems so simple. You set your tee and ball. You choose your club. You check where you want to hit, and then you swing. It’s as easy as that, right? Of course, anyone who’s actually played the game for any length of time knows that’s not all of it, but many don’t realize the full importance of their pre-shot routine or what should be included in it.

Look First – The first thing you need to do is check out the lie. What’s the situation for your ball? How will you get out of it while making progress toward your goal?

The Shot Type – Once you know the lie, you need to determine what type of shot will be serve your needs while keeping your score down. This decision should be based on the information gleaned from your observation.

Practice – Take several practice swings, but make sure they are specific to the shot you’re going to take. You’re not just warming up. You’re taking the shot, just without the ball.

Breathe – Take your time and focus. Control your breathing – slow everything down and find your center.

The Pre-Swing – The final motion you take before beginning your swing should tie into making the shot. You want to find your balance in your feet, while loosening your forearm muscles.

With these tips, you should be able to create a pre-shot routine that will serve in just about any situation. Just remember, it’s all about strategy, energy, and motion.


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