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Golf is all about striking the ball, so it’s surprising how many players struggle with this. Actually, when you consider the mechanics necessary to swing your club downward, pivot correctly with the body, and keep your arms, hands, and shoulders free of tension, maybe it’s not so surprising. The good news is that there are several tips that can help improve your ability to strike the ball accurately and with power.

  1. Try a Weighted Vest – One challenge that robs many players of accuracy is that they move their arms incorrectly while rotating for the backswing. This makes it difficult for the clubface to be where it should for an accurate strike. A weighted vest helps enforce the correct posture by making it more difficult to stand up vertically.
  2. Tilt – Your shoulders must tilt correctly in the backswing to ensure an accurate strike. If your shoulders do not tilt far enough, the clubface may strike the upper half of the ball or miss entirely. Hold a club in front of your shoulders and place another on the ground where the ball should be. Line up the shoulder club with the one on the ground and note your shoulder position.
  3. Trailing Shoulder – If you find that you slice, chances are good it’s because your trailing shoulder is moving out and then in. To avoid that, train your trailing shoulder to move down and through the strike zone.

These three tips will help improve your ability to strike cleanly and with the right amount of force every time.


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