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One of the biggest misconceptions about people who play golf is that they do not have to be in good shape. While it might be true that the average golfer does not have to be in shape enough to run a triathlon, being in shape is important to success. Professional golfers will typically have training regimens that will help them to stay flexible, stay strong, and to be able to keep up with all of the other golfers on the course.
Those who would like to improve their golf game might find that improving their overall general fitness can be a huge help. They will not get as tired. They can hold the clubs for longer, and they can use their added power and energy to drive the ball further, for example. Of course, you might be wondering what type of fitness training you might need. The following tips can help.

Keep the Core Strong

You want to make sure that the muscles in your core are strong, as this is where you will derive most of your power when you are driving the ball. If you want to have a strong drive, you need a strong core. Good form and physics are important, but when you combine those with a strong body, you will find that the results are even more impressive.

Strength Training Will Help

Strength training for more than just the core is important. Make sure that your legs are strong enough to provide you with a solid stance and that your arms are strong enough that you will not have to worry about them getting tired and giving out on you partway through the round of golf.

Try to Lose Extra Weight

Getting fit will often mean losing some of the extra weight that you are carrying. When you do this, it can make getting around the course easier without getting as tired and winded. This gives you more energy for what you need – playing golf.

Make Sure You Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water when you are working out, and while you are out on the links is important. Dehydration can cause the muscles to weaken and cramp, which will negatively affect how well you can do. It will also damage your mental game.

Remember to Stretch

Think about all of the twisting and turning that you will be doing when you are swinging the clubs. Even when you are putting, there is more involved with the body physiology and dynamics than you might imagine. If you are not accustomed to stretching and moving, there is a good chance that you could end up pulling a muscle in your back.
In addition, you will want to have a bit of a warmup right before you head out to play a round of golf. This will ensure better circulation and less of a chance of cramping when you start to play. Just a few minutes of movement and some light stretching will help with the warmup. Keep all of this advice in mind to help you get into better shape and to improve your game.


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