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Struggling to maintain the distance of your drive? Perhaps you’re losing your rhythm. Both are common problems, but there are simple ways to address them. In fact, a single drill could be all that you need to improve your performance.

This drill is called the driver swoosh drill, and the name is pretty self-explanatory. It’s also a little bit awkward-seeming, at least initially. To practice the drill, find a nice, open spot, similar to one that you’d be in for a drive. Next, you’ll need your driver. However, don’t hold it as you usually would. Flip it over and hold the shaft just below the head, with the handle down at your feet.

Once you have it gripped correctly, take your normal drive stance and swing the club. Do this a couple of times, and each time, listen for the shaft to swoosh through the air. The sound should begin about the time the shaft reaches your rear foot and then continue through the swing, which is to say just before and after impact with the ball.

If you’re hearing a swoosh noise at any other part of the swing, it likely means you’re using your hands too much. Lighten your grip and focus on your rhythm and try not to swing too quickly or you’ll pull your body out of line and lose the rhythm, which decreases the distance of your drive.

Practice this drill until you’ve found the sweet spot and can hit it time after time, and you should see an improvement in your drives on the green.


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