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Your golf swing is vital – it’s how you get the ball where you want it. A lot of advice out there talks about how important it is to have the right impact, but the truth is that your backswing setup is the most important factor for success. There are three keys you should consider in your own backswing.

  1. Body Position – Make sure your body is positioned so that you are titled forward toward the ball with your leading shoulder lower than your trailing shoulder. Keep that tilt so you can return the ball right back to where you started.
  2. Wrist Position – It’s really all in the wrist. Make sure that your left wrist (the controlling wrist) remains flat. If you cup it, or bend it back, you’ll open the clubface and your aim will be wrong. Focus on keeping it flat and you’ll maintain a closed clubface for better accuracy in your swing.
  3. Support Leg Position – Your back leg is your support during the swing. Make sure that it is braced appropriately and that it supports the majority of your weight. This provides you with the leverage necessary to drive toward your target and deliver power in your strike. A weak back leg position, on the other hand, usually leads to a shift toward the upper body controlling the swing, which is never a good thing.

Use these keys to check your backswing position and make the adjustments necessary. Practice them until you can assume proper form every time.


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